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SANJU Exports

At Sanju Exports we produce Hi-quality garments that can guarantee complete customer satisfaction. We have a well good squad of professionals who create the right and high quality product that the customer requires and deliver it on time, supported by a good communication and technological system.

The wide range of garments produced here reach all over Europe, USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, HongKong etc. Sanju Exports also caters to various brands, departmental stores and retailers across the Globe. We are associated with various production units for Woven, Knitted and Leather products. We have associate product suppliers in the countries like India, HongKong, Taiwan, Bangladesh, China,Sri lanka and Vietnam we use these facilities when price and product has to match the customer needs.

Our Production Units are certified companies for quality and other testing, Quality tested right from the procurement of raw materials to the manufacturing of end product, they use latest quality technology system and methods so as to meet the needs of the customer.

The Sanju Exports has tie-up with the garment manufacturing companies that companies has been conferred certificates like Oeko Tex, OE-100, GOTS, ISO, WRAP and SA 8000 for quality management, environmental management and social accountability management.

About Us

The Sanju Exports is one of the pre-eminent Manufacturer and Exporter of Fashionable Ready-made Knitted and Woven Garments for Ladies, men’s, Children’s and in kids. The company has its own manufacturing setup with a built-up area of about 25,000 sq. feet in India, having a capacity to produce 2,00,000 pieces of garments per month. The company also has its own well-established sources for fabrics and trims so as to enable it to give garments a finishing touch at a cost-effective price. The company also believes in service, quality and on-time deliveries.

Wide Production

Also Sanju exports has associated between the Readymade wear manufacturers world wide, So we have a production facilities wider our production areas are India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Thailand and China.

Our Products

We are equipped to make garments for all categories like children jump suits, romper, bibs, boys and girls collection, Men tops, polo’s, tie& dye, sweatshirts, Women Tops, blouses, skirts, Nightwear collections, Handmade products, Work wear products, Sweaters with children, women and men’s.


Our Production Units are more than a decade old organization in textile and garment exports and also they are certified for all tastings like Oeco Tex, SA 8000.


We understand different types of business systems and the Indian system of business gives you the ultimate edge in the wake of globalization. A plan of action will be devised on each department and all policies and strategies will be discussed with all managerial personnel and staff. Practice of modern management for a best service. we follows Buyer's compliance guidelines and work closely with departments to ensure all is done as per buyer's requirement. We inspect goods on every stage of production on the following ways.

We'll keep you up-to-date about relevant industry trends and bring you innovative product ideas to help you grow. You will rest ,easy knowing that your operations are in the hands of our highly capable sourcing professionals.

We can provide you the best service among the competitors. We have our own Handlooms, Automated looms, Power looms, Stitching units, Dyeing factory and Packing units. We can produce large quantity of products and deliver without affecting the quantity and qualities based on your requirements and deliver it promptly.

We have adopted a team of professionals in various countries to cater the requirements of our customers according to their new Trends and Fashion. The samples are made according to the needs for order appraisal.

Corporate Social Responcibility (CSR)

We are also working to increase CSR awareness among each and every employee through the Sanju Exports CSR Charter, which is Sanju Exports basic policy on social responsibility, and the Sanju Exports Code of Conduct, which is our code of behavior for daily business activities. Furthermore, we participate in the UN Global Compact and support its Ten Principles regarding human rights, labor, the environment, and anti-corruption.

Sanju Exports revised its CSR Charter by adding "Socially responsible behavior within the supply chain" as a new item and informed all employees accordingly.

The Sanju Exports will respect diversity and individual human rights and provide a healthy and safe working environment in which all persons receive fair treatment without discrimination. It will also oppose enforced labor and child labor and respect fundamental human rights as well as workers' rights.